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In 2013, The company was named provincial science and technology of small and medium-sized enterprises

In 2012, Company producing fuel pump up to 1 million

In October 2009, Anda carbon-based registering the trademark "its"

In July 2009, Anda carbon-based registered trademark ANDI

In March 2009, Our company passed the ISO/TS16949:2002 quality management system audit on site

Andy was formally established in December 2008, zhejiang science and technology development co., LTD., registered capital of 3 million

In March 2008, In order to further expand sales outlets, Beijing auto parts market, set up the Beijing office;

In May 2007, Our company formally applied to cylindrical carbon commutator and its manufacturing method patent success, patent no. ZL 2007 1 2007. X

In January 2007, I formally apply for plane carbon commutator company and its manufacturing method patent, patent no. ZL 2007 1, 0036533.5

In 2006, Company annual output of fuel pump of 300000 only.

In February, 2006, Our company formally applied to carbon composite plane commutator patent successfully, patent no. ZL 2006 2006 X

In November 2005, Set up offices in guangzhou

Success in October 2005 to form a mold workshop, mold production formed a certain scale

In September 2005, The first batch of samples formal development, in the same month to start production

In August 2005, The company was formally established