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Operation of the fuel pump should pay attention to what?

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Fuel pump is driven by motor pump, used for multiple contact with the commutator brush set beside the rotor radial. For this, surrounded by the rotor stator slot with multiple used to accommodate multiple brush. With these brush electric connection of radial contact point set beside the commutator. The fuel pump has a particularly small total height.

When the rotor rotating, roller pressure outward by centrifugal force, like a rotary oil seal, the rotor rotation, the pump work, from the fuel oil inlet suction, and the fuel oil from the oil outlet pressure into the fuel oil system, when close the oil pump, oil outlet check valve closed, to prevent fuel through back to the fuel tank, fuel pump flow check valve to maintain the fuel pipe pressure is called the "residual pressure".

Fuel pump to the pipeline conveying high pressure fuel, ensure to supply constant fuel nozzle. Fuel pump in the start and work when engine is running, if the engine is stopped and the ignition switch is still ON, HFM - SFI turning off the power of the fuel pump control module, in order to avoid accidental ignition. Fuel pump is located in the vehicle fuel tank internal.