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Do you know how to make good use of fuel pump?

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Fuel pump has: being driven, rotation in the pump housing, have to respectively in the two sides a circle draw a line of guide vane impeller blade cavity; And decorating in the pump shell part of guide vane on the sides of the area of the annular channel, the channel and is used for transportation fuel blade cavity structure of cavity, among them, the input channel access to one of the transportation and another in the cavity chamber into the output channel, and set up the relative blade cavity connected to each other. Arranged on part of the input side ring channel cross sectional area towards the part of the annular channels reduce to zero, at the end of the cross sectional area reduces the area on the 45 ° Angle range extension.

Fuel pump assembly, including the pump body and setting up the actuator mounting holes on the pump body, its improvement is that the actuator mounting holes of product structure formed around the actuator installation, actuators installed with the pump body is split type structure. Good technical effect of this product is: to facilitate the EFC actuator maintenance, replacement, reduce the EFC actuator wear and prolong service life.