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Efi fuel pump can solve what problem?

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Efi fuel pump is mainly to solve the existing fuel pump oil discharge in the stator section of the noise is big, the rotor easily jammed. Described in the oil discharge section of the stator inner surface with lack of tank, products of slot with wear piece of graphite materials, product wear piece of outer wall and the stator wall form a complete profile. Due to the whole of the stator is made of powder metallurgy, which can effectively improve the impact resistance, not easy to wear and tear, and on the inner wall of the stator and rotor in the discharge of oil segment with graphite materials, can not only prevent the stuck phenomenon in a rotor, and can effectively avoid the rotor oil pump work produced by hydraulic struck the stator inner surface form of noise pollution.

Production technology of efi fuel pump. Targeting efi vehicles, efi motorcycle market, first of all meet the demand of automobile, motorcycle market, according to user requirements, developed the efi automotive efi fuel pump and efi motorcycle efi fuel pump products, on the basis of the sample test completed for industrialized mass production.